• shriiya 10w

    Will you listen?

    I dont know when,
    But if I say things out,
    If i let my heart make out,
    If my mind decides to confess,
    If my eyes shed tears,
    If my soul searches for a listener.
    Will you listen?
    To the unsaid things,
    To some unanswered questions,
    To some sad stories,
    To some concealed emotions.
    I don't know when,
    I dont know how
    But someday
    If I say things out
    Will you be there with me?
    To listen,
    To hold my hand,
    To help me fight insecurities
    To understand me without judgements.
    I will need you
    To listen to me
    To my unsaid things,
    Which may not be
    About the world,
    It may be for you,
    It may be about you,
    It may be about us.
    Will you listen?
    You will right?