• roxana91 10w

    Second life

    Sitting in the room,
    Burned solitude,
    I close my eyes
    To rent another life.

    Traveling miles,
    Visiting ruins,
    A life is not enough
    To give myself a little love.

    The alarm clock rings insistently,
    It's time to drink my coffee.
    I don't know when the night passed,
    But yesterday's dream give me another lesson.

    I bring my thoughts,
    Quickly I close the door,
    I ask for a lighter
    To burn my last cigarette.

    I get to work,
    I think it's too early to start,
    I take a few more steps
    In front of others around.

    I'm bored,
    As if every day is the same,
    I think with my imagination
    I can go everywhere.

    I'm coming back from work,
    The streets are empty inside,
    I'm waiting to sleep back
    To go through my second life.