• lisa81 5w

    Meant to Be!

    Dear Keino,

    God knew what he was doing,
    When he sent you to me.
    I thought I'd never find true happiness but then you gave it to me.
    We both been hurt from our past,
    From the people came in but wasnt meant to last.
    Together we can show each other different as we heal along the way,
    And have a beautiful life
    We started this thing as friends and now I have dreams of becoming your wife.
    God knows we arent perfect we make a mistake,
    But if our love is true nothing will ever be able to break.
    This bond that only will get stronger with time
    Im so thankful that you are mine.
    I feel so blessed because you have always been so perfect in my eyes,
    Im ready for us to build our lives together..
    We will make it through,
    Anything thrown our way because you are meant for me and I was meant for you.
    Thank you for being you and for staying in my world when you didnt have to,
    Now im gonna spend everyday we blessed with together showing you how much I love and appreciate you!