• intergalacticat_ 9w

    Three Weeks

    It's been three weeks today
    And I still miss you just as much
    Not a thing has changed
    Except for my wellbeing as such

    I now keep a tidy house
    Which has helped my mind
    I make the bed every day
    Use wisely any spare time I find

    But it's not cause you left
    It's cause I finally had time
    And I needed a little help
    A routine I could mime

    Your health is what matters now
    That's why every day it kills me
    To see you without home comforts
    Not even your posh tea

    I know you're independent
    And you don't need anyone
    But always on your own
    That's not healthy or fun

    I know you'll never say
    But you're regretting this
    I can see it in your face
    It is me that you really miss

    You're worried though
    If it's the lifestyle that you want
    Scared of taking advantage
    But you can't see that you're so important

    Maybe I could do better
    But all I want is you
    You push me to be greater
    In everything I do

    Yes I relied too much
    On you to look after me
    But baby take off the rose tinted glasses
    And you will be able to see

    I am back
    The girl you first fell for
    Not the anxious mess
    That made you walk out the door

    I have gotten help
    And I am still doing that now
    I am again resilient
    I take on crisis with a POW POW

    Please sweetie
    I see you in there
    Fighting to come out
    Stuck in an internal nightmare

    It's okay to let yourself feel
    To break down your wall
    I'll never see you any differently
    My strong, handsome man, always standing tall.