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    Look even I can do it!

    What's the worst thing ?

    The girl who was so sensitive ❤
    Has now turned into a cold-hearted person

    What's the most surprising thing ?

    The girl who used to react to each and every single thing ‍♀
    Now isn't even bothered about what's going on

    What's the most shocking thing ?

    The girl who wasn't even aware of the term "Art"
    Has now learnt the art of hiding her tears from everyone

    what's the most unbelievable thing?

    The girl who used to read novels based on love stories too much .Starting from Durjoy Datta to Sudeep Nagarkar. ❤
    Now even hates to touch it !

    And u know What's the most sad thing ?

    The girl who used to live in the supernatural world of Fantasy ❤❤
    Has now learnt to survive in this harsh world of Reality.

    Moral:-Seekh gayi ladki larne