• dead_teen 35w

    My Star

    There's the sun that gives life to earth, with all its energy and brightness. Then there are those rains, thunders, storms, and the darkness and the eclipses that try to prevent it but the sun prevails and every new morning, it shines brighter than ever, to give life to the earth because the EARTH NEEDS IT.
    YOU are my sun, sweetheart. And me, I'm just a planet that depends on you for life. For i need you, today and I'll need you tomorrow. You, like the sun, give me exactly what I need, not too much ( like Mercury), and not too less( like Neptune) either.
    You're the brightest possible existence in my solar system. I see you and I lighten up.
    There's no darkness and no evil and no storm that can stop us.
    For ours is a relationship of the cosmos.