• the_rebel 10w


    Here we are yet again

    So much at stake and less to gain

    Flashy cars quickly passing us by

    Everyone waving us goodbye

    We didn't know how much to give

    But giving is the only way to receive

    The crossroad is unmoving

    It is fixated to encompass all or nothing

    Nothing is motionless, and so is no one

    Making progress isn't the same as growth as one

    The rush in everything makes us seem slow

    Like a deep-planted root ceasing to grow

    Nature never meant for us to fly

    And yet we've touched the stars

    And not by being slaves to the shackles of the natural order

    But by transcending them

    Let us search from within us to know our part

    Step out, step up and set ourselves apart

    The crossroad will not go anywhere

    And so no need for us to stay here