• anshikajverma 9w

    "Love hurts my friend!"
    I've heard this so many times.
    Almost every time I asked-
    "How does it feels to be in love
    and keep loving?"
    They told me it hurts but not how exactly
    And now when I feel it
    I quote it to them who ask me the same
    -"love hurts my friend,
    it hurts so much that
    your cheeks are filled of roses,
    with thorns ofcourse;
    that your lips won't stop smiling
    even if the stretch numb them;
    that your eyes are never clear
    tears and day dreams
    are always rushing in;
    That your head aches so much
    Of contrasting desires;
    That it races your heart
    even when you are asleep
    And when you wake up
    It feels squeezed;
    And after all that you feel
    You love so much
    That it kills you
    So you can live
    More as a lover..
    It really hurts my friend,
    To fall in love and keep loving!"