• rajatsingh78622 10w


    What Exactly Is War ?
    Is It Something That We Wish For Or Something That We're Destined For ? Does War Mean A Battle Or Does A Battle Mean War ?
    We Start War Through Our Past Experiences And Hope To Avenge It In The Future,
    But Would It Be Beneficial For Us Or Could It Be Harmful For The Other ?
    Is Only Killing Or Beating Someone Else A Part Of The Epic To Be Told ?
    Or Will It Be The Personal Turmoil And Trauma That Was Experienced By Our Soul ?
    Did Vikram Batra Die Just In Kargil ?
    Or Did Karna Die For Duryodhana ?
    But If They Died For Only A War,
    Why Do We Remember Their Names Now ?
    War Is Not What We Seek For Our Hearts, But It Is Something That Our Minds Conspire,
    So Try To Win Your Heart Over Mind,
    Or In The End, Only You Will Be Left In Despair !!