• jadedraco 10w

    Chapter Five My Fake Valentine

    How could this happen someone explain to me why those two were sent hear when their status was reported as being alive answer me don't just stand there ?! A voice heavy with anger yelled at the deities his vice was so loud it rang through the closed door they were in drifted across the small wood paneled hallway and to the other room where the deities had placed Rafael ,and Nicole for the time being till the deities could figure out where to put them at.The voices went on,on back and forth and Rafael,and Nicole listened wondered what was going to happen to them. Rafael and Nicole were placed in a big room colored off white with about seven chairs and an glass panel going Down the middle of it on one side was seven chairs and it was for murdered victims,the other side was reserved for suicides to keep the two apart also having seven chairs. Rafael thought it was stupid if they really wanted to keep the two types of dead people separated why didn't they just make a additional room? Bored Rafael studied the girl...no a woman not a girl trying not to be obvious, and wondered why she had killed herself? Then the woman turned their eyes locked. "Why did you off yourself" Rafael thought in her head. ''Want the short version or the long version?" Nicole thought back. 'Maybe the short don't know how long,or how short we both will be here"? Rafael thought back. "Got tired of being life's punching bag,and everyone in polite society's bitch,and one more thing ..person.. just pushed me over the edge,and I just I had enough,and so I jumped off a bridge" Rafael nodded,and thought "Yep society sucks ass who was the person that sent you over...let me guess a man..ex boyfriend...family member it is usually one,or the other " Nicole glared around the room she was in,and gave a aggravated sigh a filthy scammer he said all the right fucking things,and acted like he cared ..all lies..Nicole thought. Rafael scowled,and thought "Those fuckers are everywhere if it wasn't you it would be someone else...." "What is the meaning of this how are you,and the woman communicating with each other you are not equipped with the powers to communicate like that especially hear?!" A deity said overhearing the thought speak between them. Nicole,and Rafael flushed not realizing the arguing in the other room had stopped and the deity that first put them in the room a bland human like deity with a neutral face,and eyes had came to retrieve them. ''Speak?! The deity shouted. Rafael glared, said "Look we don't know we just can we didn't know we couldn't we thought it was normal. Then Rafael stood up and gestured at the deity " It seems to me according to you,and your head bosses earlier argument that you guys are the ones that fucked up not us so don't think you can get mad at us for something we had no hand in!" The deity looked shocked at someone yelling at him like Rafael did. The deity took the liberty of looking embarrassed for a minute then he cleared his throat,and said roughly "Both of you come with me until we figure this mess out your being placed in temporary confinement till we get ...your ...situation figured out"? Rafael looked from the deity to Nicole then back. "Together?" Rafael questioned. ' 'Well I am not wasting our valuable resources for seperate quarters when there is only two of you" the deity retorted. Rafael flashed a smirk,and said "Well you deities were so eager to keep us separated before I just assumed..." Nonsense..now come along!" and the deities led them both out,and to their new temporary quarters.