• qaurharleen 5w


    The word after " mumma " i have learned ,
    We can make money but respect is earned.

    A girl's superhero and her first love
    Which turns everything straight smile is that curve.
    .He is a best teacher and a best guide ,
    I can face all dangers when he is on side.

    I am a Princess because my Father is a King,
    He is a person with whom i am everything.

    He has a soft heart and he is enough strong,
    So that he can save us from all the storms.

    I want him to hold my hand and walk ,
    Only with him, i am fearless to talk.

    The word which makes me happy is Dad ,
    He is first to notice whenever i am Sad.

    He taught me to worship and to pray,
    Where ever i go, with him i wanna stay.

    We shares all the stuff with the huge laughter,
    When i am at my best ,, i am my father's daughter.
    His affections are as pearls .
    I will always be my daddy's little girl.

    Priceless are the days when together when we play,
    All i wanna do is to make my dad proud one DAY