• osmond123 10w

    Soul of the Phoenix

    Chafed cursory of luminaries
    Left behind are mythical shoals of good memories
    Defiled yet thrashed are human efforts to sop Hades
    All there is are shackles of trammel
    A feeling so fierce, yet, painfully we must snuggle
    Ingenuity clasped but wildly is a thin film of psyche between flesh and blood
    Bedrocks of diamonds and platinum lain
    Indeed it is in vain that man has accrued
    Galamph blooms of west Indian jasmine, the cemetery floor blossom
    Nothing and death is nothing at all
    Pleasing mixes of hues are Garland of praises for a lifeless hominine
    A nap unpredictable
    A wrangle so vengeful alas nothing ,my breath is taken
    Grunts,sores ,bruises and life taking pain
    Unflinching devotions with self preservation never retained
    The trans-substanciation that clears the way
    Setting the building blocks for a green yet another and another...
    Washed in ambivalence are winds so fickle and skittish
    Not overlooking the beds of promise arises new greens
    Nurtured by the deep scars of life's ruthless banal comes the beauty of the green unforsaken
    A cataclysm but selfless bubbles of hope, the rust of a smoky ash unveils
    Buried within are the pungs of pain from a promised parcel unavailing the sun nearly unbearable
    Complexity and ingenuity garnished with fire my plates were served
    Bombshells of crackling appraisals nearly dowsed like a wild fire
    Altruism of the highest pedigree
    Philosophy entrenched in the roots of the soul
    The universe' own perpetuity bout
    New emerged hail and hearty
    Marked with promising but wild cries
    The sacrifices of the wild not forgotten
    Yet buried in the dawn of the new
    Incisons of perpetual sacrifices made vibrant
    Though with mirths and caprice would, should and must proceed
    Shattering the beauty of parallelism apart life and death are indeed a thousand ropes tied together...Find the knots !