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    It had been a few minutes since it started pouring down, though with a bit of a calmer note now. She had been there, under the balcony, even before the first cloud roared. She had been walking to and fro, with a certain restlessness, clenching and releasing her fist but not with grave force. It was more like if she were holding her heart in her hand and the wild beats made her hand open and close in a perfect sync. With every step, her restlessness grew. It was more like a deep desire, a longing, maybe a longing to escape, to run away, but with certain uncertainty and undecidedness of what to escape from and where to run away.
    Unable to continue that delirium, she sprung towards the mighty open and looked above with an unfixed yet decided gaze, as if she was decided enough over that frenzy to know that running away was the only way, without the matter of what lies ahead of it. Closing her eyes, she stood there in the rain with arms wide open. The world didn’t exist for her anymore, the people standing over there vanished and all the noises and sounds dead but only the rain. Yet, even the rain made no noise and was full of silence. The calmness on her face was beyond what words could express; she was calm.
    The girl who couldn’t be made to sleep in tranquility even by the weariest and calmest of nights, was as if, lulled to blissful sleep in the falling rain, over her face, drenching her wet. A familiar yet unknown hand pulled her back under the balcony that she has escaped from. Some voices were mumbling loud, voices she could not make sense of, for she was still gazing into the eyes of her lost love found and lost. It were always those voices and hands that had made her feel the want to escape and ,so, she did, this time, not with incertitude but with profoundness as she made those hands let go of her, running into the open…. vanished into the rain, for she became the rain.
    -----She Became What She Loved!


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    She became what she loved!