• the_grignard_reagent 10w

    Well, the concept of ghost, I was introduced to, was in my childhood. I used to hear stories from my friends and television shows that people who got killed by suspicion during their lifetime turn into ghosts after death and returns for revenge. Even ghosts had classifications- Good Ghosts and Bad Ghosts.
    For the sake of God, let's hope Ghost doesn't exist at all. But if it does, what'll happen?
    I don't know whether if one exists then what is it's perception about the real world. They might hear the same words we use to hear from a sound emitting source. They might see us as an X-rayed vision. The world might seem same to them like us but they have an upper hand when it comes to become invisible.
    If I happen to find a friendly Ghost , the first thing I'm going to tell it is to end corruption in the country and settle all political disputes on the first hand.
    If things goes the way we want, then there's nothing wrong in having one.
    Don't you agree with me?Comment down for valuable suggestions ��.

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