• youthful_muslimah 10w

    We all are suffering from a serious pandemic and this pandemic is making us mentally ill. Sometimes it is really a point to think that what we are upto, our life has got a full stop. I completely feel it's we the people responsible for everything. We were busy in our own stuff and didn't even thought for what Allah has sent us in this world. We were doing everything except praying and remembering Allah (SWT). We didn't even bothered on knowing what Qura'n and Hadees teach us. We just did every sort of things which was against by our Allah and beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. It's never late to repent, if still we are healthy just thank Allah and repent to him for the mistakes we have done, cry, beg, repent for the entire ummah. Allah is the most merciful.Never forget that with every hardship there is ease. We never know whose dua has the power to turn the current situation. So each and everyone should ask for forgiveness and for the betterment of the current situation. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala listen to our repentance.