• xenoria 10w

    am i truly unable?
    or is it because you do it so easily.
    do i grab these excuses because they are within reach
    or are they as valid as i wish they were and weren't?
    was there ever any hope to begin with?
    do i never wait long enough?
    i tell myself the fire still burns
    but what if it's false hope?
    smoke from dying embers
    wafting upwards,
    bringing me sweet lies.
    it's a tug of war in my head
    and i'm not sure what i vouch for.
    i'm spent and splayed on the ground.
    my tear ducts at attention
    ready for the next trigger.
    mourning what hasn't been.
    mourning what isn't.
    is this really it,
    i ask myself softly.
    over and over again.

    it's a low low,
    this low of mine.