• alostnomad 23w


    Stars will shine bright,
    All of this is just alright.
    You gotta stay together and,
    Fight in this world for what's right.
    That fighting spirit of yours is your pride,
    As shiny and as beautiful as the dress of a bride on her wedding night.
    Don't let anything or anyone,
    Put a stain on your pride.
    Don't shy away,
    Spread the beautiful smile of yours wide.
    Yeah, that's good.
    Now, you're looking just like a confident knight.
    Who's about to conquer the castle,
    He so wanted to call his mine.
    But time being a wicked bitch wasn't right,
    You see,
    He didn't give up,
    And continued the fight;
    Despite the plight,
    Conquered the castle,
    Which wasn't even his, nor it was destined.
    This fighting spirit..His pride,
    Made him merry,
    His face right now, with an even broader smile, as beautiful as red cherry.
    So, hold tight.
    All of this will be alright,
    Even your stars will shine bright.
    Don't give up the fight,
    Don't give up the fight.

    You'll be smiling at all of this,
    When it'll be alright. And You,
    You will be getting ready to tuck
    Another feather under your belt.
    Right now, it may look like yuck,
    But, trust me you'll be the proudest,
    That you didn't give a fuck and
    Kept on moving, like a bullet proof truck.
    And, when you'll see someone struggling just like you, all of it will be felt, with a heavy heart and a proud chest.
    You deserve the best,
    For now, take some rest,
    Your stars will surely come above and shine,
    The world will see them in awe and you'll be fine.