• sandeepprasanth 5w

    we both first met at public place, never had seen each other before. I could feel her presence forging, a magic into my soul.when a friend of mine suggested to meet her atleast once,I gave it a try, believe it or not from then i could easily able to get connected with the character, the first meeting was so special, that the feel never faded, until i met the character again.we convened in regular intervals, whenever i wished to, because with the character, i lost the meaning of loneliness.she was so amazingly beautiful, i had by my side in darkness.
    "she is the affection,i seek for".
    "she is the love,i was wanting to get cherished".
    "she is the wisdom,i love to learn".
    "she is the emotion,i feel to cry out".
    "she is the music,i felt pleasure listening".
    "she is the disorder,i love to get affected".
    "she is the pilgrimage,i bow to worship".

    ThankYou, "Silver Screen".
    With love, "Cinephile".