• _skywalker_ 10w


    Till now my mind is still unsettled
    It is not for a joke that I write this
    For my heart opens up and yearns for you
    Where ever you are at this moment
    Whatever you may be doing
    Know that I miss you greatly
    And the the fact that our separation is not under our influence
    It is very painful to have a haunted mind
    To love in pain and confusion to not understand why things had to work out the way they did.
    I wouldn't say I need you in my arms... No
    For I would be beside myself, reeling with joy.
    Joy only imagined
    But when my eyes close and I see you, holding you to myself and placing my lips on yours
    Passion engulfs me and out of fear I flutter my eyes open.
    Fear of losing my mind
    For our current state has far more than worse corrupted it...
    My mind.

    Tuesday 17th November 2020