• irene_chid 10w

    Masked beauty

    He watched her eyes follow every passing vehicle
    Her face mask covering her nose and lips
    He wondered what they looked like
    Her fair skin tanned from the scorching sun
    She would grow old waiting for a bus
    She could need some help
    "Can I drop you off"
    Her moon-like eyes scrutinized his existence
    Like he was a thief in daylight
    He needed to pull down his face mask
    To stress his glaring innocence
    "I am the very definition of harmless"
    He could tell that she smiled
    As her mask moved both sides
    "So that means i'm safe?"
    "Maybe not completely"
    She burst into laughter
    And unconsciously pulled off her face mask
    Her smile was like the sunshine
    Though fading on their faces
    The masked beauty left him stunned in the sunset