• sree_nidhi 6w

    Too Good To Be True

    He was like a dream
    Maybe that's why,
    Falling in love with him,
    made me feel like I'm dreaming.

    When I asked for now
    He promised me forever
    I believe it, even though I don't believe in forevers
    Oh so foolish of me.

    Everything about him is so dreamy
    He even visits me in my dreams
    A dream within a dream, I thought
    His cheesy words & those chocolate eyes,
    made me dream about a future with him by my side.

    I thought he'll always be there with me, cause someone once told me that 'Dreams can come true'
    But every dream cannot be true, I should've known.

    But I was so stubborn
    And being the naive person I am,
    I keep ignoring all the warnings, blinded in my dream,
    Watched him slowly crushed my heart,
    & he left me inside a nightmare caged by depression.

    I should've known,
    that the dream of mine was
    too good to be true!


    #love #heartbreak #broken #dream #forever #depression #sad #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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