• riotspring 23w


    I find it easy to blame people for my own pain,

    To just say fuck it and go my own way.

    To leave and repeat without a second thought.

    I hurt and I cry but I don't realize that it does nothing in the end.

    I spend my time pitying myself and not seeing the picture.

    I depend on my friends to show me how to be happy again but I've been told and told "the only thing that can bring you happiness is your own soul"

    Then why is it not working?

    I hurt and I crave attention but when I don't receive it I blam the person nearest.

    These people are who I cherish dearist and yet I treat them with bitterness.

    Its not there fault,

    How could it possibly be there fault?

    Bacause I'm hurt I make them feel my pain,

    Its not my intention from the beginning but nearing the end it feels like I'm just gonna do it again and again.

    Why do they stay?

    Why do the say they will stay?

    I ruin things and don't blame myself.

    All I am is a burden.