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    ||••|| Jealousy ||••||

    Who could hide embers in straw,
    who too suppressed the scent of flowers?
    Have you seen virtues shriveled??
    My blood heats oh! dear
    If ever I hear good or bad on you.

    Oh! dear, it's jealousy
    all masquerade is that you eat and dress well.
    That you turned stones into soil
    harvest heaps of grain by toil.

    Oh! dear your muscles speak
    so as your red sweats descend from head to feet
    go on mixing with soil to become a worship.
    Hail to your arms
    and woe to the eyes that are intolerant at you.
    Yes, the newly bought oxen duo and
    ornaments for your beloved wife cause fire in them.

    Oh! dear the newly built house
    that you made at ease might burst their hearts.
    The poor who doesn't have
    cloth to hide the waist is always abused.

    Let them envy you.
    It isn't easy for a slave to become master.
    Oh! you industrious lad
    you spent labour, sold comfort to rise up.
    Your rigour harboured thou ship at shelter
    that's why they whisper often in jealousy....!

    ~ Govind


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