• uwloti 17w


    We will cross the bridge of tribulation,
    Hiking on the mountains of perseverance,
    Our journey darken in the tunnel of our integrity,
    But that light of hope on the other end,
    It's courage that drives us,
    Armed with weapons of patience,
    An aspect that guide to the portal of love.

    Disagreement is like waves of the ocean,
    Normality's and everyday experience,
    We will hopeful cruise through by faith,
    And anchor our ship on the other shore,
    For better and for worse
    To a shame the devil means of perverted

    I remember your nostalgic promises,
    Sometimes as we met in your premises,
    The look in your eyes was true and sincere
    The smile in a grim line of protruded dimples,
    Affectionate embrace and passionate exposure,
    Is still in my mind,
    Your image right on my side,
    I feel you in the blowing wind with whispers,
    Love staked at the door of your heart,
    A prove that you will not hurt me.

    We had mission in our vision,
    For we will never part our ways
    We might break one feather
    But it won't deny us our destiny,
    Limping all the way to be together,
    When our morning come
    All nightmares will be done
    Sunshine will arise
    Illuminating its rays of a dream come come,
    As I hold your hand in a warm grab,
    Hold you back to me in lovely embrace,
    In wait,
    With patience,
    As we grow old
    Our love renewed
    To make yesterday look as today.

    As I present to you a bouquet of fidelity
    I safely secured in the drawers of my patience.