• anunknownwriter 31w

    The Mother's day

    What do you really mean by mother's day?
    *A priceless question was asked*
    A child- (Most probably doesn't know that a day exists)
    A teen ager- A day in which I wake up early in the morning to post a picture of my mother with a huge caption without a verbal wishing.
    A child without mother- I spend my day looking at the star which I consider as my mother.
    A working person of age 35years-I don't have time for bulshit things but a post is mandatory to compete with the modern trends.
    A person having a child-I need to send her in a old age home.She is becoming a burden now... Still a post is mandatory.After all Its a "Modern trend"
    *Exceptions are there everywhere*
    They feel that one day is not enough to explain how much they love their mom but they really need each hours,each minutes of 365days to explain their love...So MOTHER'S DAY can be simple and sweet with a wish at 12a.m and a kiss is mandatory to make her realize that to her child,she is the *best mom*,she is *irreplaceable*
    Mother's don't need money, gifts.They just need love,respect,affection from their kids...