• empresseb 5w

    Message From a Real Man

    I'm here to be your rock
    And no levels of pressure can ever make me crack
    I've got you...from the beginning straight to the middle...
    .. ain't no ending in "Us" this ain't no joke nor riddle
    We will last ... because ; together we can
    I'm not a boy sweetie pie , I'm a grown gentleman
    I'm not out to take you for granted no... not at all
    I'm here to motivate you , so we both can stand tall
    To support each others goals and dreams ; learn new lessons and even teach...
    ..new concepts so your wishes you can achieve
    I'm here to show you affection ; to satisfy your soul and body
    And our benefits from this will be even as opposed to oddly...
    ... distributed ; because in you I see a fulfilling future
    Let's master the art of keeping this bond exciting like Kamasutra