• queen_f_loyalty 9w

    I have many friend's around me. And even 2 Best Friend's. But none are able to understand what I'm nd what makes me happy. I have a Best Friend who ask me at what time to be in online so that we can chat but never comes online at the time I said. And the other one is always free but never text me good instead ask me Why you love others most? Why you don't give priority to me ?? I was like what is with these two kids. But then I came to know they just need me when they want not when I need. I waited for many days atleast they'll say me that they missed me or felt like needing me. But no they never haven't said it. Then I remembered the words my heartbeat i.e, Saritha said. Best Friend is the one who vl understand you nd who vl miss you no matter what. And Best Friend vl always be only one not many because in many friend's choose the best one. I vl bet you that find another Best Friend if you can. But I think I'm lost dear. I couldn't find a Best Friend better than you. I really loved my best friend the most but he never understood all the things nd all the happiness I'm trying to give him. So, it's better I'll move even you need that right. I don't know why even Best Friends turn out to be strangers at some stage. Sorry I wrote something stupid.