• abhay24 5w


    This day, That year
    I was trying myself to sleep in the dusky hours of night
    In hope that I will awaken fresh next morning
    Instead in the lonely hours
    at 12 am, 1 am
    my body was physically resting
    mentally my mind was racing with tons of thoughts
    caught somewhere that,
    everything will be fine.

    This day, that year
    All the efforts that were put on the entire year
    The day was right up there
    All those formulas, definitions, lines, diagrams etc.
    were mixing and merging into one
    clashing, colliding and confusing
    sending my heart to Palpitations.

    This day, That year
    I somehow tried to close my eyes
    I see Words engrained inside my eyelids
    I see spiders crawling on the ceiling.
    I see myself failing.
    I overthink in my sleep.
    Dreaming in my conscious mind,
    I somehow convinced myself,
    everything will be fine.

    The thoughts left when I woke again,
    All thoughts that haunted me last night got vanished.
    I was in full of confidence and enthusiasm
    to move on, get up, and crack it.
    Until I repeat the same, the next year
    I lived my nightmare this day, that year.

    ~Abhay Kumar