• theselfdiscoverer_ 10w

    We- friends

    2016 August

    She is my first genuine friend.
    The only one I bore my heart out to
    Let my guard down
    shared my deepest secrets
    that no other soul knew

    2019 August

    I was having a bad day
    More like bad week
    Desperate to spend
    Spend some time with her
    I texted not hiding my desperation
    She ignored
    Building my exasperation
    I decided not to take action
    Still wanting the friendship
    After the month
    I questioned her the reason
    She ignored
    Then I realise she was just a season
    Because she later posted
    "I'm sorry I didn't text back because of some excuse I'm trying to come up right now"

    Then came the lesson
    Everyone leaves. The only thing that stays is the lesson they leave behind.