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    Listen my sweetcorn
    Since girl you're born
    Don't jump that high
    Ask not please Why

    Wanna play? Let's bake
    For your daddy some cake
    Or you may chase that cat
    Coz your brother's is the bat

    Two bags & here's a clue
    Yours is Pink, his is Blue
    Will drive you school not Michael
    He's a boy thus bought him cycle

    Madam shall be if it's woman
    Call him Sir if there comes man
    Two labels taught for one creature
    Confused day first, why not Teacher

    Wear this not that
    For you may look fat
    Stay groomed as you grow
    Go & get plucked your brow

    Multi skilled girl with high grades
    Beauty too needed to get a mate
    Equal not happens to be this trade
    Yet being rejected is a thing to afraid

    Finally comes the day
    Hopes & fears on way
    Parting and meeting at same time
    As in lemonade, sugar treats lime

    You may never get bore
    There's endless list of chores
    June seeing January, knit some shawls
    Or paint some pictures for empty walls

    Home she builds but never owes house
    Earlier called dad's, later one of spouse
    She's a lover of colors the galaxies know
    Yet wear cannot bright if turned a widow

    © captainfatimahabiba

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