• emptying_ma_mind 10w


    I realized that jealousy
    is a an extrovert.
    Unlike me who was
    always an introvert.
    Jealousy is not shy
    to appear anywhere
    Nor it feels inhibited
    by anything.
    It just pops up whenever
    it wants
    And makes itself heard
    loud and clear.
    Jealousy is also the
    popular one.
    For it never appears
    Wherever jealousy goes
    atleast two of it’s many
    friends tag along.
    The closest friends
    or buddies as we call it
    are anger and vengeance.
    They are the badass team.
    The bullies in our brain.
    But jealousy hangs out with
    less popular emotions too.
    Like cynicism,deception
    and delusion who likes to lay low.
    Jealousy tries to act cool
    But is very insecure.
    For it cannot exist without
    its friends
    Nor can it express itself without
    other emotions’ help.
    Anger or vengeance can
    act alone,
    With or without help from
    Same applies to all other
    the emotions that keep
    jealousy company.
    Jealousy fears that one day
    it will not be needed.
    And all its friends will start
    realizing it too.
    Jealousy is scared that it
    will be forgotten
    Only to be remembered in
    tales of days long past.
    Or in a world run by kindness
    and empathy
    The children will ask their
    “Mamma! Who was jealousy?”.