• mkp_08 47w

    Looks are deceptive

    I may appear coy to you,
    But there's a raging fury
    That burns bright within me.
    I may look polite and kind,
    Benevolent and naive,
    But dare not mistake it
    To be my folly, foolishness
    Or take that for granted.
    I may laugh, smile, talk
    Friendly, with you,
    But to consider it to be
    My consent for any
    Of your intentions,
    That would be a wrong perception,
    Undeniably your grave mistake.
    Looks can deceptive,
    And mine,
    For sure are.
    So, before you judge,
    Take me for easy
    Talk to me in
    Any which way,
    Think again,
    Cause, you know not
    Whom you're encountering.