• chemyy_ 10w


    To all the people who call me funny,
    I hate you.
    Why are you so blind???
    Am I truly see through?
    I'm in so much pain,
    Laughs aren't enough.
    I'm so tired of life,
    Of this pain, unjust.
    Growing up was unfair,
    Because I had to so young.
    And now I'm 18 and from my past I run.
    I fell in love with the perfect soul,
    And he holds my heart, but I'm an icey cold.
    I fear this pain is too much,
    I'm losing my grip.
    And in this bottle is relief, In just one sip.
    I'm sorry to my mom and I'm sorry to my lover.
    You called me Joy, but I couldn't be further.
    I blame the sun for the light it refused to share,
    And I apologize for my weakness, I just cant bear.
    My mind is full of darkness and I need a little time,
    And i promise to be funnier in my second life.
    As you read my words that spilt from my eye,
    I hope you know it eases my mind.
    Thank you for reading the rambling of my heart,
    It makes picking up my pieces a little less hard.