• alameenquadri 6w

    A place i escape to,
    When the world starts to show me its hurtful sides
    A place i dwell in when my heart keeps reminding me of its wounds
    A place i run to when everything seems to go awry.

    Though its all in my head
    But its a reality i crave for
    Though no one else will see
    But i feel like everyone is there with me
    Its all in my head, bt its all i dream of, its all i ever wanted.

    In this place,
    swans swim in the clouds
    Birds dance in rivers
    Fairies still exists, they come in beautiful colors
    Men are free, no rules, yet silent peace
    In this world,
    My heart doesn't bleed
    And nothing goes awry.

    I sink in this world every day and every night,
    Until someone says,
    “What are you thinking about".

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    The world in my head

    Where swans swim in clouds
    And birds dance in rivers...