• likhaayi 6w


    I miss those days

    Standing waiting for my bus to arrive .

    That fixed window seat , 2nd row, right side .

    I miss that view and the difference in the weather which I observed while traveling.

    Waiting for my destination to arrive.

    I hated whenever someone used to sit beside me .

    It felt like an interruption in my "me time" which I never appreciated.

    There was always a confusion in choosing between either to observe others mind or choose to feel the world outside.

    Most of the time I chose to "feel" but certain passengers around , made me judge them.

    The most awful moment was when I know the next stop is my destination.

    I hated to disturb my comfort what I had attained in that short period of time and had to leave .

    But this also didn't lasted long as the crowd creates a new adventure to reach the exit door.

    That struggle was much more than anything else ..there was a fear to loose that what I experienced may be.... I would not be able to experience it again.
    - A'