• underrated03 11w

    Day dreaming

    I was thinking about you 
    I was hoping to give you the world 
    You know those diamonds and pearls. 
    You’re on my mind like a clock spinning in time… 
    Maybe, just maybe a little time travel 
    and we go see what our future is like. 
    Maybe, just maybe we'll have twins 
    Or, maybe a big house with a white picket fence. 
    And, maybe, just maybe a dog 
    and an apple tree in the back yard. 
    But, you know I’m just spinning in time, 
    you know a little time travel. 
    Or, is it a dream waiting to happen. 

    I’ve been thinking about you and everything you told me
    and i just wanted to say im sorry
    i know you, don't trust, i know u don't let anyone close, but i wanna be your
    friend, lover, strength, provider,
    some one to cry on, someone to yell at when u need to let stuff out.
    mentally and physically attached
    but that's me day dreaming

    Your beauty is special, like a rose that never dies. 
    One of those special roses you would only find in a story, 
    those never ending stories. 
    But, you know that’s our life 
    It’s never ending so let's make a beginning