• iamsecretwritter 10w

    Dark is my preference.
    There will be no clue or evidence.
    You will be just lying in bed,
    Silent and dead.

    I will give you heart attack,
    And will kill you in your sleep.
    It may appear all black,
    But it will hurt you deep.

    Anxiety and depression,
    Are the one to cause me.
    I will give you tension,
    And won't let you be free.

    Movies and book,
    Can't define the way I look.
    I will bring memories back,
    Full of pain, in fact.

    I can make you experience,
    Thing from which you scare.
    On you it will leave an influence.
    No luck with the prayer.

    I am no sweet dream.
    I am hell of night.
    Defeat me, I give you dare.
    Yesssss, I am your nightmare.

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