• vir_tuous 5w

    Get up and act

    Life falls apart every now and then but do we stop living it ?
    Well the answer is obviously a "NO" because it is known to all of us that life just doesn't stop by falling apart, it rather rises you up making you much more stronger than you were before it fell apart. How many times it must have happened that you were in a situation where you felt helpless and didn't know what to do in order to come out of it but after a period of time you came out of it !! Feeling much more better and relaxed, it happens isn't it?
    The basic rule of life is to teach us what we are supposed to learn from people, situations, circumstances etc. so that we are ready for what is coming ahead for us. Whatever happens, happens for our highest good and for a reason too, if you see it from a different perspective you'll understand why it actually happened !! And that's where your power lies,that's where your strength strengthens and that's when you rise above all levels making a beautiful growth of healing and enlightenment.
    At the end of the day healing is more important than anything else,I know you agree but many of us don't make enough effort towards healing our wounds,we rather avoid them ignoring the triggers time and again. The triggers are the signal or a reminder to you that you are supposed deal a mess inside first but we usually blame the other person. It happens mostly that just because something doesn't go according to us we tend to get upset or feel hurt and blame the other person for the cause of resentment.
    If you ever take a look at it differently,you'll know that somewhere the fault was yours ultimately bringing you to this result. Our thoughts play a huge role in our lives and if we have a control over them we'll know what exactly we are doing and what is exactly that is happening in our lives but only and only if we are self aware. Being aware of yourself is the necessary element in order to have a peaceful life. It gives enormous power of dealing with any and every thing that you might feel is falling apart from your hands, so get up and make an effort of knowing yourself,understanding yourself and maintaining yourself so that you level up each time with positivity and lessons in life.
    Remember it all begins with you !!
    In order to change your life, you need to change yourself first.