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    Once open time ,a one of child criyng for any toy , and child was very afset to that toy he won't ,
    Same time his dad was came to the home from office . And asked his child " why are you crying for stuiped things .

    Child said dad , daddy I want becouse my all friends have so many toy but I didn't ,why .

    Dad said , my son don't be apset, I will purchase next day .
    Son was smile and ate a foods , so tommorow again child waiting for Dad not toy ,
    Dad came from office but his hands empty ,
    Son asked , where are my toy .

    Dad said that , sorry son I forget , tommorow I will definitely purchase .

    Again child waiting for Dad and same things was happened .

    Know after 1 week got the toy was didn't came .

    After 1 month ...
    Answer , - excuses.

    After 1.15 days child was played a home but he bored and went to the park .
    There are children and they have toys or other things .
    So he went to the some boys northern his age .
    And they all are bad boys ,

    Know he didn't said anything for Dad was day , because he made a friends .

    Everyday he went to the park and play a that boys .
    After 3 months he garve a bad quality for that it's ,like smoking and others things .

    Know day was a Sunday that day had a holiday .
    His mom ,dad , sister and he also had holiday .
    Some of study week his dad shouted for his and suddenly he replied a first time for Dad same thing .

    Dad noticed bad then ignored .
    And he was outdoor with his friends .

    Finaly 1 yrs or 2 yrs after he become a one thife ,

    So it's example of reality , I want to say that things

    # don't lie anyone .try to speak true mybe he understands .

    # if become a best friend for your children so they don't need any best friends .

    # one of most important things your faimly is your big person for you , others don't need them but you and they need you . Tack care of your best friends but if they right .

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    The house will be built up of lies, and when the wind blows on truth, the house becomes a ruin.