• marpelamusings 6w

    “It plays in my head a lot, our final moment together. As usual, you had some grand way of showing your love for me on my birthday,” she sniffles on the phone and reaches for the box of tissues.
    Recollecting herself, she continues. “You bought me two Polaroid cameras: One for us, for our undying love, for making me believe in the magic of eternity, you said. The other for whatever. You gave me your best smile as I clicked away.”
    She laughed as the memory washes over her; sweet and sour.
    A dead line was the only response she got.
    “Please, don’t be dead. I know I saw your corpse but please smile for me once more.”
    She breaks down, clutching her phone in one hand as the other holds the picture of her Derin close to her heart.
    - Marpela Musings