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    //L E T H O L O G I C A//⁣

    I love it when it rains. On sliding the curtains when the wind just enter in your room before that it just make you flatter by its gentle touch on your cheek. Yes, right there when you give all permission to this cold-gentle wind to roam around your cozy room. ⁣

    I remember how one of my friend did ask me that why I use metaphors in everything I like. And of course I answered it by saying metaphor make things so real that I almost forget reality. (Or I want to forget reality deliberately.) I could see the confusion on my friend's face but I didn't bother to remove them because sometimes straightening up things make them lose their beauty. ⁣

    I think i didn't reveal it that why am I still sitting here near this window when all the rain and wind have stopped. ⁣
    Because they are like people who left without saying goodbye and not looking back while going. ⁣
    And I'm that person who keeps looking at them until the road bends or they fade away from my eyesight. ⁣

    Yes! In the hope that they might get turn or return. Earlier I was never like this but now when some hopes really makes me fill with vibrant vibes then how can I just abandon this hope thing. I mean how? So here i am. I hugged this hope since forever. ⁣

    Oh! Here, it's again raining. Now the winds are more cold still gentle. They are again asking for my permission. Should I let them in? ⁣

    (n.) When you can't think of the word for something. ⁣

    © Pallavi Mourya. ⁣
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