• nidhi16 23w


    Oh Well! so much educated you are,
    But sad you can't even see a single scar.
    So many books you have read,
    But still morals inside you are dead.
    Or i should say they never exists,
    Only ego and arrogancy your soul consists.
    Oh! so you have many knowledge,
    And you can talk to others in a good language.
    But wait what is the benefit of having this much education?
    What about values? No now don't start calculation.
    The sad part is that even if you are highly educated,
    And you pretend so sophisticated
    Tell me the benefits as you have read so many books,
    Still you laugh and give your creepy advice on other's looks.
    You have attained the knowledge but not respect,
    Because if you don't give respect you deserve only disrespect.
    Let me tell you if you don't have ethics,
    Then really your personality has framed with many plastics.
    ©Nidhi Nanda