• nazm_e_dil 11w

    In this modern era you can't expect loyality from anyone out there. This time people don't want to hold on something or to put some effort for beautifying any bond instead of they just choose to flip on something for their own satisfaction..... If I'm not mistaken then don't waste your time for that at least.�� ( Exceptions are always there☺️)

    22nd Dec, 2020

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    वफादारी गर करनी ही है तो खुद से करो.. अपने सपनों से करो; अपने संकल्पो से करो,
    एक नया जुनूं तो भरो...
    बस यूं ही ....कुछ भी...कहकर; सुनकर; खुद को बर्बाद मत करो।