• sun_writer 10w

    I see a lot of you dash-philes out there and from a normal person who loved everything once.. Here's to you!
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    A sapiophilic journey

    I started my journey as a clinophile
    Her love made me a nectophile
    Time passed, and she broke me
    Making me an autophile
    I used to write poems for her
    Taking her as my moon
    Becoming a selenophile
    And as i kept writing,
    I fell in love with the words
    becoming a logophile
    I used to love the rains
    When i was with her
    Being a pluviophile
    Then when she left me
    All my love was only for thunder
    Making me a ceraunophile
    All in all.. My love for anything, didn't stop
    It just became a love for something else..
    She didn't make me forget how to love
    Only taught me how to stop loving something and start loving something else..