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    What is love?

    Love, to me, is not a feeling or an emotion but it is a person. The first face that flashes before your eyes when you are both happy or sad is love. The first name that echoes in your ears when you listen to a happy song or that fragrance you crave for after waking up every morning or that one hand you seek to hold after reading a Nicolas Sparks book is love. Love is the person you think about, every time you hear the word love.

    They say we can fall in love twice, and that is true. Infact I feel we can fall in love not just twice or thrice but for n number of times. It is just that a certain kind of love happens only once. You are never going to be able to love someone like the way you have loved somebody else in the past, no matter how hard you try and just know that it is totally fine. Because at the end of the day, love isn't just an emotion or feeling that runs on a loop... it is more of a person, and every person is distinctive and one-off.