• kashaf028 9w

    A terrible Father

    I never understood you as a father or as a human being,
    I hated lies and you always lied to me,
    In the paucity of every circumstance,
    Your ever old cliche of "I'll manage it",
    All I wanted you to speak was reality,
    But you could keep up the masquerade to fulfill all our fancies,
    I wasn't mature enough to understand the jargons of your world or appreciate your forbearance,
    Papa but you should have tried to explain it to me!!
    I was scared of your unbridled confidence when the world around us was shattering,
    But you could chose to be anything but ordinary!
    Your damage more invincible ,
    Your loss more irrevocable,
    But you could bluff them all with your fake smile!
    I hated that you never paid heed to the sage advices,
    But what I could not understand was the fact that even if your ways flawed, your intentions were right!
    I abhorred that you weren't there when we needed you,
    But what I didn't understand that your absence was to fulfill a bigger need,
    Mistook your stiff upper lip with indifference,
    Your silence is something I decipher now with time!
    Yes you were a terrible Father,
    Your friends said you were a "Gambler"
    And at the end you gambled with your own life!!
    I had always wanted to run away from you,
    But ironically you ran away from me!
    But all these days you prepared me for this ,
    So here I stand, a terrible daughter trying to figure out her terrible Father,
    But unshackled of any grudge or repent,
    As now I will always have you with me!!

    I miss you papa