• heartthinker 4w


    I Realized He Was Walking Continuously
    I Had No Choice But To Follow Him
    He Never Stopped Walking
    Sometimes I wasn't There
    But I Saw His Journey
    He Was Hurt ,Not Once, But Many Times
    Pain all Over His Body
    I Couldn't Feel It But Understood It
    He Was Suffering From Many Things
    I Then Thought He Would Die
    But Then I Realized That He Was Juzt Born
    The Pain Gave Birth To A MAN Who Was A Small
    KID Once
    I Saw The Transformation Of A KID Into A Man
    I Thought He Failed Everywhere
    Failed In Love, Failed In Exams
    Failed In Life
    But Actually He Learnt From Life
    I Saw Him Grow Up.
    -His Shadow
    - KK