• loveyourdamnself_221 51w

    Last night I dreamt of my childhood self, a little girl with rosy cheeks and squishy hands and eyes that reflected the windows to her soul, big and bright. Pure and impressionable.

    This morning as I woke I made up my mind,

    I am not my mothers dismissive avoidance and I am not my fathers emotional deprivation,

    I am a seer of hearts, a home for healing, an ear in times of trouble and a hand in times of need, I'm the girl that will cry with you in times of sorrow and laugh with you in times of joy. I am an empath, a believer of dreams and speaker of truth, I am a writer , a poet, an implementer of self love and self mastering. I am a mind of imagination and a heart full of forgiveness, I am a wild heart, a free spirit, I am my inner child.

    I am Ciara.