• morrie 6w

    By the slippery road, we felt warmth for the last time

    On the wet and slippery road
    We drifted uncontrollably
    Uncertain of the result
    Uncertain of our mortality in the next moment
    We drifted off quite well
    The road was too slippery to hold us back
    We were too lazy to keep the brakes in check
    Or, we were simply too fed up of the brakes holding us back
    The car went off the road
    Off it went into the grass fields
    Still drifting in vigour
    But the friction was too high there
    The car stood on its one end, then it turned around with a jerk
    Keeping the inertia alive,
    It did the same for a long time
    It rolled and rolled on the coarse ground
    Till it bombarded a large steady rock
    Catching a fire then, it burned quite well in between the wet yellow grass
    We felt hot in the cold winter
    We felt free from the stiffness we accumulated from our years' long trip
    We felt that ethereal warmth for the first time
    Closing our eyes, we had it seep in inside
    And with a breath of relief, we embraced the long awaited fire to make us warm for all the eternity on the side of this cold and slippery road