• annienasha 10w

    Your Daughter Can't Repay

    When I watch your radiant smile
    My heart is filled with pride-
    For the strong mother I have.

    Not once have you complained
    About the journey you had.
    Part of which can be compared

    To a woman crossing a sea
    Who risked adding a person
    Though her canoe could get sinked.

    Paddling alone for months
    With a partner who is weak-
    Mute, and always sleeps.

    The lashes from sun and rain
    The threats by tides and nights
    She alone must face to live.

    Labour's pain was not the end
    I'd leave you to shut your lids
    But made sure your eyes were red.

    More troubles I caused as a child
    Yet, you kept me by your side
    Giving me your utmost care.

    Proud to have you as Mom
    Priceless things you did for me
    And none is within my reach.

    Our hearts you know God.
    Our needs you have God.
    Grant my mom blessing.